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Yaniv & Associates now offers an Express Uncontested Divorce option to NYC residents. This means that we can expedite your uncontested divorce and obtain a Judgment of Divorce on your behalf within 30-60 business days, regardless of which New York State County you reside in. To be eligible for the Express Uncontested Divorce you and your spouse must be willing to cooperate with the divorce process and agree on all the relevant issues of the divorce including child custody, child support, maintenance and the division of property (if applicable).  We charge a low $250 expediting fee for this optional service.

How do we expedite your case? Most NYS Counties have internal backlogs ranging from 6-12 months. This results in prolonged wait periods before a matrimonial file may be reviewed by the court and signed by a judge. With our Express Uncontested Divorce option, we utilize specialized court-runner services and file your divorce in select upstate New York counties to ensure that your case is finalized with minimal wait-time. Here’s how it works:

1.    Complete and submit our secure online client intake form.

2.    An attorney will promptly contact you to review your information.

3.    Advise our attorney that you would like to upgrade to the Express Uncontested Divorce.

4.    We'll prepare your file and send you and your spouse documents to sign within 5 business days (for cases which do not require a marital settlement agreement).

5.    Simply sign, notarize and return the executed documents to our offices.

6.   Our attorneys and staff will ensure your case is properly filed and completed within 30-60 business days.

7.    Done! We'll notify you once your divorce has been granted and send you a copy of your Judgment of Divorce by mail.

For a free divorce consultation with one of our matrimonial attorneys or to learn more about our Express Uncontested Divorce services, please contact our offices at (800) 518-0211.

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